The results of trading on the foreign exchange market
26/12/2018 Trading schedule for foreign trading on December 29, 2018

There will be no trading in foreign currencies on December 29, 2018

21/09/2018 Termination of Home Credit's membership

Home Credit's membership in the BCSE's Stock Market Section is terminated

17/09/2018 On admitting the Eurasian Development Bank to the Currency Market Section

The Eurasian Development Bank (Kazakhstan) was admitted to the Currency Market Section on September 14, 2018

02/08/2018 On the cancellation of mandatory sale of foreign exchange by economic entities

The President of the Republic of Belarus decided to abolish the requirement for mandatory sale of a part of foreign currency proceeds in the domestic foreign exchange market by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, who are residents of the Republic of Belarus

28/06/2018 Exchange currency market – The best bank rates for business entities

Fees set by banks for services of foreign currency purchase and sale on the exchange trades. Analysis of these fees is based on data officially published on the banks’ websites

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