The results of trading on the foreign exchange market
07/03/2019 New Rules on connecting to the BCSE trading system through the FIX/FAST gateway software

New Rules on connecting trading terminals to the BCSE trading system through the FIX/FAST Gateway software came into effect on March 6, 2019.

26/12/2018 Trading schedule for foreign trading on December 29, 2018

There will be no trading in foreign currencies on December 29, 2018

21/09/2018 Termination of Home Credit's membership

Home Credit's membership in the BCSE's Stock Market Section is terminated

17/09/2018 On admitting the Eurasian Development Bank to the Currency Market Section

The Eurasian Development Bank (Kazakhstan) was admitted to the Currency Market Section on September 14, 2018

02/08/2018 On the cancellation of mandatory sale of foreign exchange by economic entities

The President of the Republic of Belarus decided to abolish the requirement for mandatory sale of a part of foreign currency proceeds in the domestic foreign exchange market by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, who are residents of the Republic of Belarus

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