Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (BCSE) is the trading platform serving the three main segments of the organized financial market of the Republic of Belarus (currency, stock and futures market).

BCSE carries out the following activities: organization of trading, clearing and settlement activities, activities on electronic document system (SED) and information services.

In addition, BCSE performs the function of supporting indicative quotations on assets traded outside the trading floor, and acts as a central registrar of information about OTC securities transactions.

The main purpose of BCSE is to promote the formation of fully organized financial market that meets its members’ needs, providing the government with effective market mechanisms for monetar and fiscal policy implementation, for performing supervisory and regulatory functions.

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  +375 (17) 309 33 99, +375 (17) 292 32 22 (fax)


  Address: 48 a, Surganova str., 220013, Minsk, Belarus

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